The Fifth contest of young artists «New projects for ANNA NOVA Gallery»

16 февраля 2015


Art has always played an educational role. How has it changed today? Firstly, with the growing importance of ‘non-material’ production, ideas and concepts are starting to gain material effect. Therefore the social role of art is becoming more important. The questions artists, critics and curators ask themselves today are about the interaction with today’s economics, politics, sociology, philosophy, the possibility of an artist to make the world a better place. Secondly, art has the ability to express one’s particular views and concepts, as well as create new trends and tendencies. This speculative perspective together with material quality makes artist’s experience unique.

Young artists are offered to choose from following questions: what role does contemporary art play in modern world, what can it teach us? How can artists use information from other fields of knowledge, what can they borrow and what can they give in return?

Olesya Turkina

Deadline for applications: 4 May 2015

The winner receives a cash prize of 100000 rubles and the money for the realization of the project.
The exhibition opens in “ANNA NOVA Gallery’ in the end of June 2015.

The Jury:

Kathrin Becker (Germany) is Head of the Video-Forum at the Arts Association Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.), the curator of many international art projects and the curator of III Young art biennale in Moscow.
Olesya Turkina is the leading researcher of the Department of Contemporary Art of the State Russian Museum, art critic and curator of many exhibitions in Russia and abroad.
Dmitriy Ozerkov is art critic and curator, Director of the project Hermitage 20/21, Head of the Department of Contemporary Art at the State Hermitage Museum.
Sergey Bratkov is an artist and photographer.
Evgenya Kikodze is an art historian, curator, art critic and the curator of Museum of Moscow.

You can download the application form (to be filled in off-line) and send it to