Los Angeles Guests at the studio in Burakova street 27

20 июня 2016

Media artists representing Los Angeles based EZTV media organization were invited to the studio in Burakova street on the 10th of June 2016.

The organization was established in 1979 mainly by filmmakers as well as artists, musicians, writers and actors who formed it in the very beginning. It started with their video art projects and the creation of a gallery and media lab. The videos have been widely recognized later on: for instance, our studio welcomed a media artist and producer Kate Johnson who is known as one of the heads of EZTV media and an Emmy winner for her producing documentary ‘Mia: A Dancer’s Journey’. Another guest and the head of the organization was a media producer, video artist and curator Michael J. Masucci. The space of the gallery is used for exhibitions actively and specifically involving female artists (‘LA Women project’) as well as the variety of social minorities. In particular they collaborate with Latin American artists raising quite provocative issues in their artworks. The meeting discussion covered the topics of legal conflicts between the artists and institutions, the conditions of Russia and US, as well as included the presentation of the studio artists and the works demonstration.

Photo: Evgeniya Zubchenko