Artist: David Ter-Oganian

From: Rostov-on-the-Don

Other: The essential conceptual images of David Ter-Oganyan’s art are suspicion, danger and paranoid fears. These topics find their most vivid expression in the Bombsseries. The works in this series are based on playing with human fears and a constant alertness common to the contemporary society, in which the mass media constantly transmit images which provoke paranoid phobias. One of the main topics of David Ter-Oganyan’s graphic series is the relationship between the abstract and the concrete. This concerns in the first place his Black Geometry project dedicated to the problems of Africa’s colonial legacy. The complexity and diversity of every African country’s political reality is reduced on the canvas to a simple black stain copying the contours of the country on Africa’s political map. The extreme geometrism of these contours reminds of suprematic forms. The real space is thus transformed into an abstract surface and enters the game of reality/suprematism, concrete/abstract. This tendency can also be retraced in the artist’s other works. For example, in thePiercing and Cutting series, items which symbolize danger become provisory, but extremely expressive abstract signs. In such works as The Machines, Ships and Planes, concrete catastrophes, being expressed abstractly, become nothing more than an idea of danger which exists only in the sphere of the imaginary. The resort to the language of the silhouette, which is characteristic to the Shadows video (2003) and the Scale 1:30 graphic series (2007) illustrates the practices of the modern authorities who, fighting the world terrorism, creates an abstract image of a suspect subject who lurks in wait for us everywhere. Scale 1:30 is a series of graphic works on the topic of political demonstrations and rallies: events which are one of the most important objects of fear for the authorities. The perception of the politicized human masses by the authorities has been very well decsribed by the French social psychologist Serge Moscovici: “A constantly swarming human mass in an unrelentless swirling – this is the crowd. It is a blind and uncontrollable force.” It is this fascist dominant viewpoint which is illustrated in Ter-Oganyan’s graphic series.


1981 Born in Rostov-on-the-Don
1997-1999 Studied with Avdei Ter-Oganyan and Anatoly Osmolovsky
Participated in the “Against All” Campaign
Participated in Anatoly Osmolovsky`s actions Barricade and Mausoleum
Participated in Avdei Ter-Oganyan`s project “School of Contemporary Art”
Until 2005 Member of Radek Group. Lives and works in Moscow


Selected Exhibitions
2011 Limit/concrete , Perm , Russia
2011 When the artist takes the camera, Novosibirsk
2011 Done , Paperworks gallery, Moscow
2010 A day in pictures, Art-Academy, Moscow
2010 From city to city, Musical theatre, Kiev
2010 To Catch up and Surpass the center, Zverev Center of contemporary art, Moscow
2010 I Ural Industrial Biennale of contemporary art, Ekaterinburg
2010 Borderline states, VP Studio, Moscow
2009 Scale (together with A.Galkina), Diehl+ Gallery One, Moscow
2009 Rebellion mausoleum, Stella Art Foundation, Moscow
2008 FREE ALL JPEGS, (together with A.Galkina), Reflex gallery, Moscow
2008 Crisis of Ugliness, Paperworks gallery, Moscow
2008 The Young, Aggressive. Musashino Art University Museum & Library, Tokyo
2008 Politics in the Streets! Proekt Fabrika, Moscow
2007 Collocation #1 (together with Ilya Budraitskis). LA Box, Bourget, France
2007 Scale 1:30, M&J Guelman gallery, Moscow
2007 Diary of a Thief (together with Alexander Koreyev). M.&J. Guelman Gallery, Moscow
2007 Good, Bad, Evil. Stella Art Foundation, Moscow
2007 Gate Keepers. Knoll Galerie, Vienna
2007 ¼ Hungarian. Liget Galeria, Budapest
2007 Progressive Nostalgia. Centro per l`arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato, Italy
2007 Returning of Memory. Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn
2007 10 International Istanbul Biennial. Istanbul, Turkey

Curator Projects
2011 – Test Alert 2010 - WC
2006-2007 Reclaim the Game. Moscow. 2006 8=8. L-Gallery, Moscow
2006 Period 1, Falanster bookstore
2005 pARTy. Moscow Art Center, Moscow. 2005-2006 Vitrina Gallery, Moscow