Artist: Misha Most

From: Moscow


Graffiti artist and writer from Moscow, Russia, began to paint in 1997, at the dawn of the Russian street art movement. He is participant of the first Moscow graffiti crew, as well as later projects – NoFutureForever, Parazit, Zachem. He has also organized major festivals, curated exhibitions and projects dedicated to different forms of street art.
Most’s works have been presented at various exhibitions of modern art in Russia, Ukraine. Azerbajan, USA, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France and other countries. In 2008 he was nominated for Kandinsky Prize. Partiscipated in the Biennale of contemporarary art 2011, and the youth Biennele 2012.


- 'Zachem'
- Exhibition of current art 'Galery on Soljanka'

-"Graffiti festival at art-center Winzavod" 3 days jam-exhibition
-"Street art at Tretjakov gallery" festival exhibition
-"Art-Shargorod" 10day festival. Ukraine.

-MoscowMuseumOfModernArts "The future depends on you" collection of Piere Christiam Brochet
- opening of "Art4ru" museum .
-"Arch-Shargorod" 12 day Architctural festival. Ukraine
-"Graffiti at Praktika" Praktika theater, photography and canvases.
-"No Future For.." Solo exhibition. Globus Gallery. Saint petersburg.

-«Pereuchet». Third "Session of young art” at "Manez", Saint-Petersburg
- «Death in Art», Rostov na Donu
- «Gop-Art». 1st Moscow International Biennale for Young Art "Qui Vive?"
- Festival of contemporary art Art-Veretievo. Veretivo Mansion.
-«Young gallerist / Young collectors». pop/off/art gallery.Moscow
-“Russian Street Art is Dead”. Mars Gallery
- Kandinskiy Prize. Nominee in “young artist”. Exhibition at Central House of Artists
-“Invasion:Evasion” Young Russian BaibakovArtProjects. Red October Factory

-«Rage» Globus gallery. St-Petresburg
-«the walls» LabGarage. Kiev
- «The conquered City» Regina gallery
- «The City of Conquerors» Gallery Victoria, Samara
- «ArtSputnik». Tsum, Moscow

- «the News», Solo exhibition. KichikalArt. Baku (Azerbaijan) 
- «Gop-Art», at “Live Perm” festival. Perm
- «WC» non commercial project inside CosMoscow art fair
- «maximumshortly» Contemporary Art Museum. Perm

-"Svobodi" Spacio Corbonesi, Bologna, Italy
-Zapovednik Art-space. St.Petersburg
-"Well Hung". Chelsea Chapters (Armory.Show) New York, USA.
-"Odyssey 2011" Art Arsenal, Kiev Ukraine.
-"Test Alarm" ViennArt Fair. Vienna, Austria
-"ONOFF project" 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art
-"PLA.NET". сollaboration with Mark Gmehling. Dortmund, Germany.
-"Plans de Metro" Galerie MathGoth. Paris, France.

-"Angry Birds". Museum of Moder Art Warsaw. Poland
-"50x50" Galerie Mathgoth. Paris, France
- Strategic Project of 3d Moscow International Biennale of Young Art. Moscow Museum of Modern Art.
- "16th line." Street Art festival. Rostov on Don. Russia
- "PLA.NET" Russian-German music+art project. Cultural center ZIL. Moscow.
- "Forma" Multimedia art festival, park of Bauman. Moscow
- 1 month residence with IAAB. Basel, Switzerland.
- Exhibition project in turms of "Culturescapes Moscow-Basel" cultural exchange festival at Oslo-10, Basel, Switzerland
- "Reload" young russian artists, Red October Gallery. Moscow

-"Heavy Metal" curated by Regina galery. Winzavod. 5th Moscow Biennale, special project.
-"3 days in october(1993)" Historical Memorial Museum “Presnya”

-"Transit Zone" Perm Museum of Contemporary Art
-"Urbanism , the city in my head" Museum of Moscow
-"1 Format", Artplay
- Mural at "Mikser" festival. Belgrade, Serbia.
-"Not a museum" group show, Manifesta 10, parallel program, St.Petersburg.
-"A reason for peace. Cacus Pasis" Street Art Museum, Manifesta 10, parallel program, St.P.