Date: 06.02.2015-08.02.2015

Adress: House of the Embankment

Organizers: Austrian Cultural Forum, The Foundation of Vladimir, Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin

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About exhibition:

«Cake in the sky» is probably one of the strangest fairytales, written by a humanist, communist und story-teller Gianni Rodari. A strange flying object is coming from the sky close to Rome, which produces panic among adults and a lively interest among children. While military armed forces are trying to repel the attack of the alien, children are coming close to the unknown object and after tasting it realize that this is one of the biggest cakes humanity has ever seen. After fighting their way through almonds, whipped cream and pastry, they finally meet the scientist who created the cake and discover the truth.

The Moscow artist, Sveta Shuvaeva., takes the story of the book as a basis for her exhibition about the famous “House on the Embankment”. The artist lives and works in Moscow.

Ilya Budraitskis

The Cake from the Sky_Invitation_Rus-1

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Sveta Shuvaeva