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Mutual Accusations by Igor Samolyot

30 September 2018

04.10.2018 / 19.00-22.00
Igor Samolyot
‘Mutual Accusations’
Studio of the Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin

‘Human relationships build on both dialogue and mutual accusations. Even though at times it’s hard to understand where a constructive dialogue ends and a reprimand starts. Unwillingness to hear the person you’re talking to and accept a different point of view results in a dead end in communications. And mutual accusations between two individuals can drive a wedge between two countries.
I consider our current age as an age of endless mutual accusations. I accuse, I get accused – consequences of this construct shape both my personal space and our shared tomorrow.
In my new project I will present two pieces, thus expanding on the topic of ‘imperfection’ of human emotions that affect not only individual lives, but also global geopolitical processes.’

Igor Samolyot

While creating his pieces, the artist contemplates the nature of human feelings, explores how these feelings manifest themselves in various contexts and environments, in digital environment in particular. He does his best to avoid one particular tone, one dominating mood – to cover the whole range of feelings and tones, from tragic to comedic. He sees modern humans as emotionally unstable and vulnerable, caught in a global information stream.
Initially, the artist worked with ‘direct photography,’ and now he interferes with this process using performance practices and creating open-ended scenarios. Lately the artist has been tapping into photo archives to create objects by exploring the plasticity of images and their ‘resistance’ to transition from medium to another.